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It was about a week into October and a rescue friend tagged me in a post on Facebook. 

The post was about someone with 3 Pitties that had 8 days to find a rental.  They had expected to begin renting from a “friend” and that “friend” told them it was a not going to happen just a week before they had to vacate their current place.

Aside from donating 10% of all of my commissions to rescue, I also help place people with pets (and especially Pit Bulls) into rentals.  This is more a labor of love as many times I am finding suitable rentals through private landlords that do not pay commission.  But, the payment is in keeping people with their beloved pets and keeping the pets out of the shelters or worse.

I’m not going to go into the details, but we did it!  It was not easy, but my clients did everything I asked and followed my instructions exactly.  That is the most important part of getting successful results.

Now to the donation part.  I actually did make a small commission of $345.00 on this deal so we generated $34.50 for rescue.  I know it is a small amount, but the small donations of several people really do add up and make a difference. My client’s friend (who published the Facebook post) chose Midwest Rescue of Illinois. 

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