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Are you a rescue organization?

I am not. I am a Realtor. I donate 10% of my commission on every transaction to an animal welfare organization.


Who gets the donation?

That’s the fun part. As my client, you get to choose! As long as it is a valid organization.


I really like that idea, and I love animals. But, I’m not really involved in rescue and wouldn’t know who to choose.

No worries! I’m always up to date with what is going on in the rescue world. I can let you know who looks like they need it the most at the time.


I don’t even care about animals. Can you just give the money to me?

I cannot. 10% of my commission is donated for every transaction, whether my client chooses one or not. I will choose a rescue in this case. (Note: this scenario is not likely to happen as I doubt I will work with somebody who would say that!)


10% sounds like a lot! How do I know this isn’t a ploy to get business? How do I know you don’t just keep the money?

Yes. 10% is a lot, but the donation is my favorite part of getting paid. As a Realtor I have a very unpredictable work schedule. My foster failure (love of my life) Pit Bull has to be an only. This is the most consistent way that I can contribute. I always send my client a copy of the receipt for the donation. I also make the donation in my and your name and publicize it on social media. Still skeptical? You can call the rescue and confirm.